The Story Behind the Sunshine Physio

When I First Started my Career as a Physio I was so passionate!

This passion fueled my dedication to my clients. I was spending a lot of hours outside of work preparing care plans, exercise plans and doing everything I could to try and help my clients. 

But without realising it, I forgot to take care of myself…

Somewhere along the way, I lost balance.

The stress started to take a toll on my body, I lost a significant amount of weight. It began to affect my relationships.

I started getting pain in my neck, pain in my legs, all different types of pain throughout my body. I started to worry I had something terribly wrong with my body. 

Here I was a physio working on treating people for pain, whilst I was ignoring the signs my own body was giving me. 

I felt so frustrated that I tried so hard to be perfect in my career and in my life in general that I emotionally burned out. 

I was in physical pain and I was in emotional pain. The more emotional pain I had the more physical pain I had.


I Felt Defeated. 

I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and put up my white flag of surrender. I decided to stop working as a physio for the time being. Whilst the world kept moving, I withdrew to myself.

I felt intuitively guided to spend time alone. I was comforted by the sounds of birds, the wind and the sun on my face. I found I was most at ease in the middle of the bush and sitting under the biggest tree I could find. 

During this time of surrender, my intuition spoke to me.

Instead of turning to a book, or turning to a friend I was asking myself questions and I was getting answers back…The answers that came back were sensed. I was having insights and epiphanies about myself and my life.

This experience gave me a strong appreciating for how our body speaks to us when we aren’t truly honouring ourselves through our feelings.

I truly believe our feelings are indicators for us to look at what is going on in our life. I believe that ignoring these feelings can lead to more stronger indicators such as physical pain or illness.

These moments in silence I got to know and truly understand myself.

This is the first time in my life that I experienced a sense of peace on my own.

Not only did I have a sense of inner peace but I felt an inner blissful love that felt like a love I’d never come to know prior.

This particular sensation whilst I could describe it as spiritual in nature, it was happening within my body. It was like a part of me that had wanted to be heard was finally being listened to. I felt a sense of wholeness within me. It felt safe.

I felt like something that I connected to within me, was supporting me. And it made me question everything that I knew scientifically.

It was at this time I decided to take my career in a new direction.

I Knew that if I was to return to doing Physio, I had to approach certain things differently.

Our bodies are our intelligence. They speak to us. They communicate. They give us feedback. When we aren’t listening to ourselves, they light up. Be it irritability, be it pain, our bodies will let us know when we aren’t meeting our needs.

After a year of taking time to get to know myself  I chose to return to physiotherapy, but this time as The Sunshine Physio. I created this business to reflect what I now know to be true in my heart, that our pain isn’t always just to do with the physical structures of the body.

My training taught me that pain was complex, but at this point in my career I started to feel a deeper connection as to why that is.


Since I started listening and responding to what my body was telling me I no longer suffer from chronic pain, I am a healthy weight, my relationship with my family is the strongest it’s ever been and I feel grateful for the deep and transparent relationships I currently have in my life.

My passion and intention is now to continue to evolve my approach that will assist others in also listening and responding to themselves.

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